Trading Indicators - Multi-Timeframe Dynamic Support and Resistance

This trading indicators is used on longer time frame charts such as Monthly, Weekly, Daily, 4 hour charts.  It is intended to help identify areas of Institutional support and resistance and is primarily a trade planning tool.  As price moves back into areas of previous support and resistance look for price to consolidate and break out of the area into a new trend.

if you gain some experience using it with your particular instrument. This indicator can be effective on shorter time frames such as 1 hour charts to help identify intra-day support and resistance levels 

Directional Volume Analysis - Coming Soon!

The Directional Volume Analysis indicator is looking at the bid and ask volume behind each candle.  Looking for imbalance situations that can indicate a trend continuation, a pull back exhaustion, as well as a trend reversal. Use this indicator along with daily pivot points, previous day O,H,L,C, current day O,H,L levels.  Looking for areas where the buyers or sellers are active.  Then use the price action on the chart to help determine if they are being successful at moving through these levels or if one side is being absorbed at these levels. 

Reconstructed Tape

This indicator uses a proprietary algorithm to attempt to re-construct the time sales volume back into original trade sizes.  This helps to identify where larger trades are taking place that are normally hidden due to the way the time and sales volume is reported.   It provides a visual representation of recent bid and ask trade prices and volumes with the time and sales ribbon.  The markers show large trades historical activity.  This indicator can be useful to help identify areas where absorption and rejection are taking place it can also be helpful to identify continuation and breakout trades and support and resistance levels. 

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